Cave towns of Crimea

Качинская долина


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Biking tour across Crimean mountains “Cave towns of Crimea” is the best way to relax after long office work. Fascinating bike tour across Crimea offers vivid objects, acquaintance and unforgettable impressions. Crimea bike tour accompanied by car will be interesting both new and regular customers.

1 day

Group meeting in Simferopol in the inner railway court near fountin at 10 AM. Then moving to the destination “Nauchnyi”. Lunch. Water briefing and safety technique. Bike transferring. Ascent and descent training. Acquaintance trip across the observatory territory and to the mountain plateau. Sightseeing of Crimea mountains prospect. Dinner. Walk around the observatory territory visiting telescopes. Campsite. Dinner.
Hilly ground. Hight drop nearly 200 metres. Asphalt (mineral pitch) and soil.(12-15 km.)

2 day

Breakfast. Moving to former tour stop “Nauchnyi”. Descent across Plaksyna gale to the river head Bodrack. Rest at the lake shore at mountain ridge Azup-Syrt. Lunch (bread ration). Descent to the Trudoljubovka village. Ascent to the forest hole to Afynys spring. Campsite. Dinner.
Hilly ground. Descent prevails. Hight drop approximately 500 m. Soil prevails. (25-30 km).

3 day

Breakfast. Descent to the Backla “cave town” across the Thousand Vaults (Tysiachy Sklepyv) valley. Sightseeing of the artificial caves and ancient church. Descent to the “Martian pond”. Lunch. Bathing. Rest. Moving to the water gap Kacha. Campsite. Dinner.
Mountain ground. Descents and ascents. Hight drop approximately 450 m. Asphalt, soil. (27-30 km).

4 day

Breakfast. Sightseeing of the site of primeval man Tash-Air (rock ochre paintings 4-5 years BC.). Sightseeing of “cave cloister” Kuchy-Kalyon, temple of Saint Sophia (cut off in the separate rock) and temple of Saint Anastasia. Lunch (bread ration). Ascent from lake in Bashtanovka village to Greek temple in Lucky. Moving to the picturesque mountain lakes. Campsite. Dinner.
Mountain ground. Ascents prevails. Hight drop nearly 200 m. Asphalt, soil. (15-17 km.).

5 day

Breakfast. Moving to Vysoke (“High”) village. Descent to the water gap Belbek in the Kujbyshevo village. Ascent to the lake in the village. Lunch (bread ration). Moving to Adym-Chokrackska valley across Jan-Dere gully to the foot of Mangul-Kale mountain. Campsite. Dinner.
Mountain ground. Ascents and descents. Hight drop nearly 450 m. Asphalt, soil. (27-30 km).

6 day

Breakfast. Descent to Zalysne village to the donkey farm which is the only one in Ukraine. Moving to “cave town” Esky-Karmen. Lunch (bread ration). Sightseeing of medieval monument. Then moving to picturesque mountain lake. Campsite. Dinner.
Mountain ground. Descents and ascents. Hight drop nearly 250 m. Asphalt, soil. (25-27 km.).

7 day

Breakfast. Moving to Balacklava village, sea-front named after Nasukyn. Lunch (bread ration). Transfer to the railway station in Simferopol. Termination.
Mountain ground. Descents and ascents. Hight drop nearly 400 m. Asphalt, soil. (35-40 km).