Cappadocia. Easy trekking in Turkey


4 days


$ 265
≈ 239 €
  • Low difficulty
  • Hike tour
  • Hotels/hostels accomodation
  • Radial route
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1 day. Check in Goreme. Guide will meet you at the bus terminal of Goreme. Accommodation in a dormitory. Go for lunch in a cozy local cafe, where, in fact, continue to know each other. After dinner, walk on the species and the surrounding hills for a panoramic photo session – a general acquaintance with the world famous Cappadocia, whose objects are included in the UNESCO list.

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Day 2. After breakfast we will visit the nearby valleys Çavuşin nearby Goreme. Cave city of the Hittites (4000 years ago), with time (in the 1st millennium) became a refuge of Christians. Dinner (suhpaek). Pink and red trails valleys will not leave anyone indifferent. Having developed and supper, go back to the hostel.

3 day. Breakfast. The route that we will do today, is not included in standard tours of Cappadocia. The path along the bottom wagging Pigeon Gorge (Guvercinlik vadisi). From this we see a huge number of ancient man-made structures carved into the soft volcanic soil inhabitants of past eras. In Baglydere Gorge (Valley of Love, Baglidere) see the world famous landmark, created by nature.

Day 4. Breakfast and go to one of the most beautiful valleys of Cappadocia – Valley of the monks Pashabag (Paşabağ). In previous days, we have seen a large number of all sorts of stone mushrooms. Once in the Valley of the monks, your surprise will be: you will see a two-and triceps mushrooms. In almost every preserved carved residential and business premises, temples. In many churches have frescoes. After lunch, visit the cave complex Zelve (8 tesla).

Day 5. Breakfast and travel by bus to the city of Avanos – center of pottery production and weaving Turkey. These crafts are immortalized in the monument Gonchar and carpet weavers. The local potters using local red clay from the riverbanks Kızılırmak. Shopping. Dinner. Visited the Mosque of Aladdin. It is named after the formidable Egyptian ruler who selected Jerusalem from the Crusaders. The mosque was built in the 13th century. under Seljuk and is centrally located. Return to Goreme.

Day 6. Breakfast. Transfer to the volcano Hasan (Hasan Dagı) with a stop to Ihlara canyon (Ihlara vadisi). Pay a visit Canyon (8 tesla). Dinner. Overnight check into a mountain shelter Karbeyaz Hotel Camping («Snow White”).

Day 7. Ascent to Mount Hasan (3253) – popular place for trekking. He (as well as two other volcano – Melendiz and Erciyes) is “to blame” for the alien landscape of Cappadocia. Dinner. Transfer from the volcano Hasan in Goreme with a stop to the crater lake Nar (Nar gölü).

Day 8. On departure day visitors can climb to the balloon (about 150 dollars). Then we go to the open air museum of Goreme (Göreme open air museum). Paid services ordered (from 15 to 30 pounds). The object is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage List and is a group of rocks, which are carved inside the caves, many of which up to 5 thousand years. They are located churches, chapels and monasteries. Dinner. Completion trekking in Turkey. Patrol. Tickets for the bus from Goreme to Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, or take on the evening. By the next morning you’ll be at your destination.

Поход Гёреме, Турция

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