Crimean Riviera


7 days


23000 р.
≈ 311 €
  • High difficulty
  • Bicycle tour
  • Guesthouse accomodation
  • Linear route
  • Accompanying car
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1 day

We meet in Simferopol at the railway station. Transfer to Bashtanovka. We stay at the camp site. Lunch. Trial pokatushki commit on Kachin Valley. Swimming in a mountain lake. Dinner. 10-13 km.

2 day

After breakfast move to Falcon (primer, asphalt) and placed on the center. After lunch we will go to the Grand Canyon of Crimea (forest road climb: easy roll forward). Let us make a hiking (paid) trip to Blue Lake, swim in Bath Youth (VIDEO). For dinner back to the base (5 km, asphalt, hills). Dinner. 30 km.

3 day

We have breakfast. On this day, we do radial route: go up to Ai-Petri to the observation deck. From here admire the panoramic view of Yalta and the South Coast, photo shoot. After dinner, go down the Ekaterinskaya (Uzen-Bashskoy trail) in long-winded. We make a stop at the entrance to many kilometers gidrotonnel, laid under the mountains to supply water to the residents South Coast. Return to base for dinner. 40-45 km

4 day

We have breakfast, personal items will ship in the escort car (now change the database). The rise of the Boar pass (trans. Bechke) replaced adrenaline devyatikilometrovym Baydarskie descent into the valley. Lunch. Then will move to Skelsky equipped cave. Near the village of Rodnikovskoe Skelskie will visit the ancient menhirs, and spectacular panoramic views. The program of the day ends on a camp in the village of Eagle. About 30 km

5 day

After breakfast commit Baydarskaya bike ride along the scenic valley. Halt and swimming in the lake Lower. The way up to the cordon of red stone and descent to the native village. Lunch. Moving to the mountain village Alsou (Morozovka). Perhaps visit a secret totalitarian object – an underground emergency command post to direct the Black Sea Fleet. Returning to the camp, dinner. 35 km.

6 day

After breakfast we go on a radial route. We will climb the Laspinsky pass go down the Roman road in a conservation tract Batiliman to the Black Sea. Here, have lunch, a swim. Laspinsky will return along the bay through turstoyanku Balaclava and pass Azhder-rope. Our efforts will be rewarded by mountain slopes. Return to base for dinner. About 30 km

7 day

Personal belongings in the morning should be laid in the escort car and have breakfast. After Baydarsky Pass (VIDEO) going in the direction of the Black Sea by the Foros Church of the Ascension of Christ. Very spectacular panorama with views of the South Coast. Our journey along the southern traverse scenic old road, which was built in the 19th century. The road full of hairpin turns and spectacular descents to the sea in Foros. We swim, have lunch. The completion of the tour. About 20 km.

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