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7 days


490 €
  • Medium difficulty
  • Bicycle tour
  • Hotels/hostels accomodation
  • Linear route
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Cappadocia – it’s an amazing world, yet still preserved, which is linked with the history of Byzantine Rome, Orthodoxy and Turkey.

Cappadocia – a unique geological formation, famous for its unusually interesting, lunar, landscape, a huge number of cave churches, cells …

Cappadocia – the most visited place in outdoor enthusiasts throughout Turkey.

We offer you a glimpse into the world of fantastic adventures with us! Every day we pass on the bike far enough to have fun on the loads and the surrounding attractions us.

Day 1. Arrive in Nevsehir / Kayseri.
If possible, it is better to fly to Nevsehir. Meet with participants in the bike tour Nevsehir Airport. Then transfer to the village in the valley of Ihlara canyon. We stay in the dormitory. After lunch, we will be the first trip around the neighborhood. Returning, enjoy Turkish cuisine in one of the local cafes.

Day 2. Radial cycling trip: Ihlara Canyon – Belisirma – Selime – Ihlara.
On this day we will visit the monastery and church cave structures, carved into the rock, and then drive through the coastal forest and Ihlara canyon itself. Fantastic views and sheer rock ledges on each side. Overall stunning “Martian” landscape formed by volcanoes 10 million years ago. Return to Ihlara. In the evening, our stomachs will again reach the amazing local cuisine. Overnight in Ihlara.

Day 3. Radial poezka bikes Ihlara – Guzelyurt – Ihlara.
Today we plan a trip to Guzelyurt (Guzelyurt) on a beautiful road with a magnificent view of the plains and pastures surrounded by mountains. Here we see not only the stunning scenery, but also feel, as the population of this country harmoniously with nature, maintaining perfect balance. Arriving in Guzelyurt, enjoy the genuine spirit of the greatness of the Ottoman Empire. The city is situated among incredible lunar landscape. We will see cave dwellings of the ancient Hittites and Christians. Return and overnight in Ihlara.

Day 4. Ihlara – Nar lake in the caldera – Derinkuyu – Kaymakli.
After breakfast we loaded in the machine, which will transport them to the place of our next overnight stay in the village of Kaymakli. We continue our journey by bicycle. Today we find ourselves in the crater of an extinct volcano, the bottom of which spilled Nar lake. Sulphurous water of this amazing reservoir, like a chameleon, constantly changing color from green to yellow or blue. Will be able to swim! And then we are waiting for the real underground! This underground city Derinkuyu is the “multi-storey” cave city, which is more than four thousand years. Here excavated 12 floors, they go into the ground at 85 m Bed in Kaymakli.

Day 5. Kaymakli – Goreme.
Morning plunge their belongings in the car, which will take them to Goreme – Cappadocia capital. And this way we commit to biking. But first look at the mysterious cave city of Kaymakli. The 10-kilometer underground tunnel connects it to the other cave city – Derinkuyu, which we visited yesterday. Accommodated for the night in a hotel in Goreme.

Day 6. Çavuşin.
Today is a very busy day. We will see a number of striking panoramas, and visit some of the most amazing and memorable places of Cappadocia. Starting point travel – Village Çavuşin (Cavusin) with fantastic views of the incredible landscape with stone pillars and deeply eroded tuff rock scenery. In the evening we drive along the sandy dirt road to the village of Goreme – a place where all the tourists tend to get. Overnight in Goreme.

Day 7. Goreme – Pasabagi – Devrent Valley – Sarihan Caravanserai – Kizilirmak River – Avanos – Goreme
Today we drive along the dirt road to the stunning cliffs and stone pillars in Pasabashe. Landscape of this area is amazing and incredible. Then we go up to the valley Devrent biking and long descent takes us to the magnificent caravanserai Sarukhan, a former trading post on the Silk Road. We will pass along the stone “mushroom” unusual shape. Turks call them “peribadzhalary” which means “fairy chimneys of fairies.” The route runs along the rocky corridors and charming green lush valleys with fruit trees, vineyards and poplars. We spend the night there, in Goreme.

Day 8. Leisure time. Balloon flight. Uchisar.
In the first half of the day anyone can go to a small, but very spectacular trip in a balloon. This may be one of the most exciting and vivid impressions of your trip. Balloon flight over Cappadocia begins early in the morning and lasts for several hours. After lunch we again sit on bikes and visit the ancient and modern Uchisar Valley and phallus, something reminiscent of the Valley of Ghosts in the Crimea. Overnight in Goreme.

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Day 9. Departure.

Fees. Pack their bikes and stuff and getting ready to leave. Patrol of Goreme independent. Our tour ended. But you can extend your stay: to go to the sea or continue to explore the amazing Cappadocia.

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