Wild Georgia. Tusheti National Park


5 days


510 €
  • Medium difficulty
  • Bicycle tour
  • Hotels/hostels accomodation
  • Linear route
  • Accompanying car
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1 day. Meeting of the group. Jeep tour in Tusheti.

Meeting participants on the bike tour in Tbilisi Tusheti. In the SUV moving in Alazani Valley – home of the best varieties of Georgian wines. Difficult rocky road will take most of the day, despite the fact that the ride is only 70 kilometers. Two-thirds of the way will be lifting on a streamer, which cuts traverse slopes of majestic mountains. It’s time to take a breath on Abano Pass (2926 m. Above sea level. Sea).

The remaining third – Spook and climbing no less dangerous path. If time permits, we can begin to change on the bikes and ride down immediately from the pass. And a few meters way adrenaline is provided! Technically the descent is very steep and rocky. But over time, we again have to load the bikes in the car maintenance, as prestoit steep climb to the village Omalo.

It should be noted that the road “Telavi – Omalo” fell into “the BBC” program cycle – “The most dangerous roads of the world.” Later in the afternoon we arrive in the village Omalo and accommodated in the guest house. Omalo – a local district center, but not in the usual sense. Center rather Geographic. Externally is a small village, to which converge all the way. Dinner dishes of Georgian cuisine. Visitors can relax in the bath on the wood.

If time permits, we’ll take a little walk in the Upper Omalo. There is a group of towers, the complex which is called fortress Keselo. It offers a spectacular view of the substantial part of the hard-Tusheti. Go back to the Lower Omalo in the guest house. By bike approx. 10 km climb approx. 200 m.

Day 2. Cycling tour along the Tusheti. Georgia
Breakfast. Today we visit several villages Tushino. Please move to the village Dartlo, where all the houses have the status of cultural monuments. Purcell in the village is given, and Chesho Parsma. The latter is a complex of buildings, towers at a height of 2100 m. Above the sea level. Dinner. Available room.

By bike approx. 25 km climb approx. 700 m.

3 day. Cycling tour along the Tusheti. Georgia

Breakfast. On this day we will visit the village and Diklo Shenako. Before the first of them is only 4 km, but the path is blocked by a deep gorge on one of the main rivers Tushino – Pirikitskoy Alazan. Now it is a steep climb to the opposite side of the gorge. In the village there is a temple Sameba Shenako 1843goda and local sanctuary “niche” – a relic of pagan beliefs. The area where traditionally denied entry to women. Diklo village located on the border with Dagestan. We go back to Omalo. Dinner. Available room.

By bike approx. 10 km climb approx. 600 m.

4 day. Riding tour in Tusheti. Georgia

Breakfast. Today it is possible to change the activity. Change from velsipeda Tushino horses and go on a day trip to the horse Oreti lake. In the way we will cross the river Alazani Tushinskaya. In Omalo we’ll be back for dinner. This evening sauna will be most welcome!

On horse approx. 20 km climb approx. 600 m


5 day. Cycling tour along the Tusheti. Pass Obano. Tbilisi.

Breakfast. In the morning we leave hospitable Omalo. The rise of the SUV to pass Abano. Peresyadu on bicycles. Now we have a dizzying descent on a dirt road 37 kilometers long, already captures the spirit! We move in Telavi, pack the bikes and moved to Tbilisi airport. If you wish, you can stay in Tbilisi for an independent program.

By bike approx. 40 km climb approx. 100 m.

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